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Friday, May 25, 2012

Key Of Solomon the King (technomagic)

The Key of Solomon the King is a really fantastic little book that has been highly influential on Western magical traditions. This book includes important information such as planetary hours and days, magical symbols called pentacles (Fourth Pentacle of the Sun, Seventh Pentacle of Jupiter, etc), and how to use and construct ceremonial magical tools that you often see in Wiccan and other pagan traditions. I think most people are going to recognize the pentacles, but if you read the book closely you'll notice that a lot of the material has made it into Wicca, witchcraft, and even folk traditions like hoodoo and curanderismo. The text is very monotheistic with a very heavy dose of Qabala as a basis for the magic. If you are not a monotheistic person you can easily adapt the text to your personal spiritual belief and language.

I personally have only worked with the pentacles. Since you can find them as graphics online or scan the graphics they make for excellent techno magical talismans. I will load the image of a pentacle on my electronic device or server. As the harddrive, processors, and circuitry run they charge the image with power and do your spellwork. It's very simple and can be very effective as part of a spell.

I haven't worked with any of the spells in the book but there are some really fantastic ones with all the old Renaissance instructions for using rabbit blood and toad skins and virgin wool. It is entirely possible to do these spells with some modern adaptation though I haven't tried myself.

Browse a copy online at the Sacred Text Archive Key of Solomon the King


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